Easter captured imaginations again this month as we joyfully pondered the whereabouts of Easter eggs.  And as the development partner for New World’s Easter Egg Hunt, we are proud to inspire many in the annual pursuit of a calorie quota (it’s great fun – you can download it here).

Easter also has an extra special significance within the technology sector, which if you’re a curious type you may have evidenced firsthand.  Engineers worldwide pay homage to Easter, albeit surreptitiously, with an insider joke known as an “Easter Egg”.  Yet, unlike the chocolate namesake, these hidden messages and features are sometimes buried so deeply within products they are never discovered.  Probably a much more widespread phenomenon than anyone cares to acknowledge.  An outlet, invariably tolerated, for software engineers to express themselves creatively, and very occasionally vent frustration (thankfully the latter rarely makes its way through vendor quality control!). 

So in celebration of Easter, technologists, and nutritionists, I’d like to share some Easter Eggs of the nonedible variety, but of equal fun.  Below is the most comprehensive list of Easter Eggs for Amazon Alexa I’ve uncovered.  Although, I’m not convinced if, in the context of voice assistants, these are really Easter Eggs or just personality quirks.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.  We hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday - from all the team at Rush!