It's already been a rough year for Facebook but as reported, research group Cambridge Analytica (CA), had access to a ton of Facebook user information that it shouldn't have had it's hands on. 

The combination of this, and prior scandals, highlighted a long-dormant rage against how Facebook liberally collects user data to build out profiles for advertisers. Hence the birth of the hashtag #deletefacebook which started trending in the past week and was backed by some significant voices (including Musk, Tesla and SpaceX). All of this led Zuckerberg to go on the offensive, and promise some significant changes.

While it is important to highlight that Facebook isn't the only social media fighting to uphold it's reputation, it is the one with the biggest backlash as of lately. As the linked article points out, Twitter and YouTube have also faced issues in the past year.

And as social media continues to rule the internet, events in recent weeks reinforce that a social network’s public reputation can turn so fast that, if you’re active on that network, association can hurt you.

I still believe Social Media plays a huge part in the world of Marketing and Sales but as Computer World advise, returning to the roots of older tech like the content subscription model will diffuse the situation "pour the energy back into email newsletters, blogs with RSS feeds and podcasts."