This is a great piece that really puts innovation into structure and perspective. A lot of people talk innovation and some have the right to do so but most of us are still trying to find out what innovation actually means for our organisations and where its potential actually lies.

I find it fascinating talking to organisations everyday about what innovation means for them or what they think it means. Some have grand visions and have spent a lot of time and effort on developing their innovation roadmap, teams or mindsets, however others are in a no mans land because all they know is they must innovate or they will be looking for a new career. The problem they, we all have is they don’t quite know what innovation is or how to bring it into their world.

I like this piece as it helps us frame up the difference between product innovation and process innovation. The key thing here is they are both unique and both important in their own right. Yes they can live as silos independent of each other, however the ability for them both to combine to create the next big thing is where the excitement really begins. I mean who doesn’t want to be responsible for the next Facebook, AirBnB or Uber?

A symbiotic relationship is where the magic happens. We work really hard with our customers to not think about product innovation as a silo but more about what is the human problem first and how can we innovate the business model to suit the customer needs. Once we have defined that key point then we look to the product innovation or the technology that will allow us to solve the business model to satisfy the customer need. This is where the magic happens, this is where real innovation starts to change the way we live and hopefully build futures beyond today.

One of the most important things I find with innovation is you can have all of the buzzwords or intent in the world but if there isn’t the right leadership mindset at the top then a lot of innovation is setup to fail. We work really hard with our partners with that mindset and how we bring people on the journey, every journey is different too and that is the key thing to consider when you embark on a innovation play. 

Go on you know you want to, lets start innovating!