One of Larry Page's electric aircraft companies, Cora, has unveiled its first product. 

Basically it is an "air taxi" developed by Page's Kitty Hawk company, the electric aircraft is intended for use as part of a transportation service instead of sale to individual users.

With innovation like this comes an interesting debate - this space is generating new debates because software means you might not need to be a pilot anymore (it could fly itself, and autonomy in the sky is a lot easier given there are no pedestrians or human drivers), and electric changes some of the mechanical issues around VTOL (so you don't need runways).

And although the aircrafts cannot be landed on city streets, though, and so there are lots of last-mile questions, but this is an obvious step towards 'flying cars' and progress being made in this field.

As of yet, the operator in New Zealand has not set a firm date on when the product is available for rides - but the Cora website details New Zealand as the perfect partner due to its "innovative spirit and forward thinking regulatory environment."