Smartphone Addiction is a thing, and there are several studies on the impact smartphones have had on our health mentally and physically. With these in mind, there have been several attempts to dial back on the smart- in smartphone to offer a simpler, yet gets its job done alternative. One of them is the Light Phone 2 by Light.

The Light Phone 2 is the successor to its previous iteration last year and is a fully stripped down smartphone. Using an e-ink touchscreen display, with 4G support and the ability to call and text, it has all the essential functions of a phone, It’s essentially a dumb-phone rebuilt with modern technology, even the UI has been minimalised and simply made up of lines and characters.

The Light Phone 2 aims to become a standalone device in hopes for people to leave their smartphones at home while still staying connected.

Is smartphone addiction so rampant that this device is necessary? Smartphones are constantly innovating while the Light Phone 2 does the opposite, however it’s always nice to have another alternative even though it may seem redundant at the time. Personally, it’s a device I find attractive and it will be something I’d definitely like to follow up on.