Is the term Digital Transformation (DX) just more buzzwords that role off the lips of large organisations that actually never go anywhere or are they actually real and we need to take them seriously? Are we really in for a step change as IDC predicts? Will the board actually follow through and deliver on the tough talk at the top?

In short I say YES they are here to be taken seriously.

So far there are pockets of work out there that are indicating that this step change might actually be happening. We're working with a number of organisations that are pushing hard towards 2020. A recent piece i shared 'Designing for change' from our partners at Z Energy represent exactly this push, they are an organisation with not only a clear focus but also a team driven on taking action with support all the way from the board table.

How many actual organisations out there have fully fledged digital transformation/innovation teams? Or do they just say they have? How are they being integrated into todays business practices? Are they being welcomed and embraced or are they just money walking out the door? 

Transformation and innovation is not easy, it takes vision, balls and at the end of the day you need to be prepared to fail.

What we can all take from a report like this is that this change or movement is not going to go away, what life looks like for us in 2020 and beyond is significantly different to what it does today. But this is bloody exciting, it gives us the ability to challenge ourselves, take on new territories, consider things we don't normally think twice about and most of all grow as individuals.

Everyday we are involved in projects of change with our clients that push boundaries and we love it. It pushes all of us and we are all on the same journey. Whatever you do just get started as this is not a drill and 2020 is just around the corner!