As Amelia mentioned in an earlier post, bike sharing is turning into a big deal globally. Numerous bike sharing companies have popped up, with each one probably getting described at some stage (in typical tech start-up fashion) as "like Uber, but for bikes".

But it looks like that description is going to need to be shortened to just: "like Uber". With their announcement today, perhaps the biggest name in transportation sharing, Uber, revealed that it's expanding into bike sharing.

It's a move that makes sense, with Uber wanting to be the go-to for ride sharing of all types. And by bundling this functionality into their existing ride-hailing app, they have a significant advantage over other existing or up-and-coming bike sharing companies in that, instead of having to convince potential users to try them out, they already have a large, well-established user base that has simply been given another option to get from A-to-B.

It goes to show that even new, disruptive innovations are open to disruption themselves.