It's surprising how many of us still use the same passwords for our accounts, write them down frequently, and use obvious combinations of words and numbers. Relating to this, at a presentation at Usenix's Enigma 2018 security conference, Google software engineer Grzegorz Milka revealed that less than 10% of active Gmail users have enabled 2-factor authentication. 

That is a surprisingly low percentage of users not taking every step possible to protect their Google and email accounts.

In the case of businesses, if a hacker can enter into the email of even just one employee, it gives them not only access to company data but also more ability for future attacks - making it increasingly important for businesses to ensure all employees have enabled two-factor authentication.

The image below outlines the anatomy of a hack... an account hijacker's actions - scary stuff. So, why haven’t you enabled two-step authentication on your Google account?