Dockless bike-sharing is a big deal in China, and now New Zealand, in case you haven't been paying attention.

The teched-out bikes release-by-app and are GPS-trackable modem-equipped bikes making them relatively cheap and simple to use, attracting newbies to cycling. This of course has significant effects on car and fuel use.

While the two largest Chinese dockless bike share firms - Mobike and Ofo - have secured more than $3 billion in funding and are clearly doing pretty well, a similar rash has spread over Auckland in recent weeks. It manifests as hundreds of small black-and-yellow cycles branded OnzO.

It is pretty impressive that there was a bike-sharing business launched in possibly the most bike-hostile location in the country. What they have done and are doing is wonderfully clever, though. 

Turns out tech and bicycles go well together and the future of cycling is indeed dynamic.