Over 18 months ago we first heard of this exciting new way of technology infiltrating the retail environment and what the future would look like. We all got extremely excited about this new reality and what it could mean for society. Yes, there was a lot of hype and a lot of upside but there was also the negative downside also.

Fast forward to today and after a long development period Amazon are finally launching their flagship Go store, but what will be the results and why hasn't it rolled out sooner?

The reality of it is with any big disruptive tech movement it takes time to build, test, learn and repeat. They would have spent many weeks, months and now years trying to perfect the solution, however this will be in a constant state of change and as they have more people experience it and more people give data things will evolve and that is the beauty of the agile world we now live in.

The biggest thing that is going to be the most interesting as I wrote in a piece about a year ago was the advent of these super computing systems that  allow businesses to change the way people work, live and act. How will it change the working force who once upon a time would be the humble cashier? What will it mean for me as I charge through day to day life and have hardly any human interaction and what will it mean for the data trail I leave behind.

All of that aside, these are exciting times and this revolution is only just beginning one bricks and mortar grocery store at a time. 

Good luck to them I say, I will be watching with my eyes wide open