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Is the tech industry being built on an ever-increasing number of assumptions?

It begins when you say a series of specialised or techy words and the person you are speaking with begins to lose interest and fade in concentration... 

That's what the author of the linked Verge article is hitting the nail on the head with,  saying that "everything is too complicated". It's stated that, in light of the excitement around CES 2018, most people have no idea how any of these things work and are already hopelessly confused by the tech they have.

Do they really need to be inundated with the likes of robot dogs and talking toilets (some of the more wild gadgets of CES 2018) when Wi-Fi passwords, App stores, and USB-C's remain a real and current confusion.

The list below is made up from the Verge author's own experiences with "completely reasonable misconceptions about tech" - some of which are actually quite justified!

Not knowing the difference between iMessage and SMS, or what iMessage is except “blue bubbles” Not knowing why having an Android user in a group text makes it worse than an iMessage group with iPhone users The difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi “Does Alexa always listen to you like Facebook?” “Can you get a desktop that runs Chrome?” What iCloud is, or what the difference is between your AppleID, your iCloud ID, and iCloud password “I’ve heard the iPhone X doesn’t have to update the software as much?” Not knowing why mail on the iPhone asks if you want to send small, medium, large, or full-size images to email photos Why you need so many different passwords “What is the App Store on the Apple TV for?” “Why does it say live in the corner when I take a photo?”

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