The issue, where it lies, is: Crypto is just so exhaustingly confusing that very few people are really wrapping their heads around it (apparently having some sort of a background in Tech helps). 

The case touched on by The Next Web writer, is simply that when the facts go through the grapevine, they are added to and changed with each person's understanding. Then, the pile of garbage pitches PR people send out to clients, and by extension, the world, are then set up to ruin their industry even further.

I'm not saying that you have to understand the likes of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Initial Currency Offerings, Ethereum and the activity which seems like money is flying around between devices, to write about it - because in all honesty, I don't. But let's get educated on it all before we start to cause more harm than good by jumping on the click-bait-fuelled/topical/trending subject and "ruining" industries. 

For now, It has been kindly suggested that I watch the Netflix Documentary "Banking on Bitcoin ", which definitely seems like a good place to start...