Yes, I get it. It's about the experience and sometimes thrill of speed but what about a world where you never owned a car or drove one again?

Life is changing so fast and a world where no one drives or owns a car could become a reality before we know it. Generations right now have never known life without the Internet or even Netflix. So, it might not be so impossible to think of a generation who has never owned or been in a car driven by a human.

Sure, that's not happening this side of the next 5 years but beyond who knows. 

There are extremely interesting times ahead if you think about the impact that a world of not owning a car and having self-driving cars in our lives. The biggest thing is the safety issue and the reduction in fatalities from accidents through reduction in human factor and incompetence.

Society as a whole is going to change significantly, people and industries could well be out of jobs, taxis, insurance companies, bus drivers, truck drivers are some of the directly related people who will be effected and the list goes on. Then we will need to consider the indirectly related changes this would have on other industries like farming and agriculture or tourism. I am talking both positive and negative changes as we will see more development of new roles and related jobs also. What about town planning and infrastructure, construction and general logistics? Everything is up for grabs and we all have the potential of some serious disruption.

But with all of this disruption and change comes opportunity for everyone. Cheaper living costs, more time to do other things instead of driving a car or sitting in traffic, new skills and services, new industries and how we live with them.

Lets see where this goes, but what we do know is it is going to happen and it's just a matter of how it all effects our day to day.