Over a year ago, female employees working at Adobe (based in the U.S.) shared that they were making 99 cents to every dollar male employees at the company were earning. After being called out, the software company then vowed to close this gender pay gap by the end of the fiscal year and recently announced Adobe had followed through. Women in the offices now make dollar for dollar that is made by male employees.

I guess this Adobe gap can seem insignificant when compared with the national average in the U.S. - as of September, women nationwide were earning 80.5 cents to men's dollar

As stated by a recent Mashable Article “compared to the largest technology companies, Adobe is actually late to the game”. Facebook and Microsoft announced last April that they had eliminated gender pay gaps between their employees. Apple and Intel also announced gender parity in 2015. 

What about little New Zealand? Well, the data varies but in a recent report by the State Services Commission there has been little change in the pay for women. It points to the need for a conscious effort to eliminate pay gaps will be needed if we are to achieve the Prime Minister’s and the Minister for Women’s goal of closing the gender pay gap over the next four years.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that additionally many companies still have a far from gender-balanced workforce (Adobe's is only 30% female), so there's more room for improvement in this area too, however there is a light at the end of a tunnel as we see technology companies taking the initiative to spark a change. 

All in all, reducing the gender pay gap is a tricky task but there are clear places to start.