We live in a world full of disruption and have done so for decades, however it is only now that it is happening so fast everywhere, everyday and everyone is aware that it might just be around the corner.

Thanks to the current technology wave and the generational change in mindset, no matter what industry you currently reside in you are under threat of it being disrupted.

Not only is it from the traditional bottom up that you need to be on the lookout for, but it is the potential of the over the top mentality of the tech superpowers that will consume your industry once they look for new green fields to consume.

As this piece states, there are many of the tech superpowers that could shake up any industry if they wanted and most likely will. We, as consumers, are driving this movement as generations like Millennials change their consumption habits and hence change the ways that organisations have to engage with them. Of course, the next generations don't want to deal with the old world, they don't even know what the old world is, they have only ever lived in a world of Uber, Netflix and Spotify. They have no idea what a taxi is, or a terrestrial television channel or a compact disc even so why would they want to deal with any industry that doesn't give them the same user-friendly customer experience.

No matter what industry you are in, you are all now playing in a world where change is inevitable and if you don't either prepare for it or make it happen yourself you will get left behind and be the next Kodak or Blockbuster Video.

Everyday we are working with companies who are trying to make sense of this disruption. There are those that have their heads in the sand, those who know they have to change and adapt but can't and then there are those who have decide that they need to change and this change is being led from the top down and we are working on some big changes. It isn't easy and there are no guarantees but at least it is doing something and not sitting still.