The linked article opens with the line: "If you've been struggling to open your own laptop each day..." 

A problem, I had not yet identified as a problem, or rather, as an area where improvement is needed. 

A new patent granted to Google for its Pixel line of laptop computers sets out to solve the issue (that's not really an issue): Titled "Notebook Computer with Motorised Display Positioning," the patent shows a motorised hinge that will open the display with touch to the top of the portable computer.

It's similar to how Apple has recently solved the issue (that wasn't really an issue either) of having to push buttons on a phone with every new model of iPhone released. They gradually removed one button/feature at a time - with the iPhone X it's the home button, with the iPhone 7's it was the headphone jack.

Although, having your laptop open for you seems a bit on the lazy side - there are points given in that it could aid those with limited mobility complete such tasks.