Snapchat is huge, yet when they introduced Spectacles which was a promising idea and had an excited audience to boot, it failed tremendously. These smart eyeglasses which do the snapchatting for you ended up costing the company a $40 million US dollar loss. So where does the fault lie? Priced at $130 USD it was not cheap, and selling less than 42k units there was no hope of leaving the US market. The design was fairly restricted and it was really only tied to one purpose.

Google Glass wasn’t so long ago either, it was a fresh and neat idea that was bound to come sooner or later and yet, like Spectacles, it silently vanished without much of a memorable entry. But with AR developers getting more comfortable hopefully this is all just a rocky start and eventually, at the right time, we'll have a piece of tech to behold on the front of our eyes.