As soon as something of significance happens in life - a proposal, birth of a child, new car etc. - what do you do? 

The linked article points out that the 'older generations' response (those of us who grew up without social media) may pick up the phone to call family/friends. Although, social media management company Sprout Social found that for the most part, people these days use social media to announce major milestones. Is this really surprising with the way things are heading?

The facts are as follows: 

  • 79% of those surveyed said they share milestones on social media first. 
  • 75% said they still do that in person. 
  • Texting and making a call rank a bit lower. 
  • Less than a third send a letter.

Basically, the announcements and connections we make are now, more than ever, virtual.

As indicated, for businesses like RUSH it is key we reach an audience and stay relevant - go where people are the most active and follow the trends. 

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