I quite like the opening of this article "Can you code? Speak a second language? How high is your IQ?" - a couple of the things I don't even know, or know how to do after two university degrees and a stint overseas. Yet apparently these are the expectations of high school students today.

It is a constant 'who knows what' debate surrounding what will students need to learn and know in order to strive in an increasingly competitive world: "The challenges of automation, globalisation, and political upheaval leave out the fact that we’re living an age of information overload."

As underlined in the linked study - this group is so aptly labelled as "digital natives". Sure - they may be able to flit between Facebook and Twitter while simultaneously uploading a selfie to Instagram and replying to an iMessage. But when it comes to evaluating information that flows through social media channels, they are easily duped. 

Whether this means that digital natives (and perhaps, other generations can be included in this?) should be fact-checking everything they read or going as far as to power off devices for the time being will overall depend on awareness of this problem and responses we may have to it.