As a father of young kids I think about the world they will grow up into and their kids and so on. It's a fascinating and sobering thought process to go through and one that if I am honest is down right scary.

Our world is changing so fast and disruption has played a massive role in this change over the last 5 - 10 years and accelerates day by day. This generation doesn't know a world without the subscription economy, they've grown up with Spotify for Music and Netflix for movies and TV. They live in a world of convenience where they don't wait in lines to buy goods - they just click a button and it's delivered. The concept of middlemen doesn't equate as they can go straight to the source and the latest innovations are driving connectedness across the board not seen before creating a world of transparency, like it or hate it this is our world now.

But as this article states where does it end, is it all positive impact going forward? There are so many concerns and ways to look at this rate of advancement and what it means for generations to come. Yes it's concerning, yes there's fear due to technological advancements, yes yes yes so much to worry about.

However and I say this with a large ounce of hope, the kids of the next generations don't know any different, just like generations before them and those before them, we all live in a world of hope and just get on with it. We adapt, we embrace and we take new challenges head on.  As this article states, none of us are going "back" to the analogue world of hierarchies and incremental change it's just not an option.

I think a lot can be learnt by our children and their attitude to what lies ahead. We as organisations and leaders need to do the same, things are what they are, we should be embracing them and driving ourselves and those around us forward. 

At RUSH we understand the technology tsunami that is upon us, that is why we're called RUSH, this is why we love what we do!