Uber is taking ride-sharing to the air - talking about it more seriously this time. After a rather ambitious-sounding announcement in late 2016, 'Elevate' (the name of the project) seems to have actually taken lift-off. 

The latest announcement is a partnership formed with NASA to help manage their fleet.

Like suggested just a few lines above, this sounds ambitious. Although it is only safe to say that I possess a mere basic understanding, even from where I am positioned there looks to be 'many a challenge' involved here. One being - rolling out a network of flying cars in Dallas, LA and, of course, Dubai by 2020. Another is what Uber is expects to invent - a kind of aircraft —electric, with vertical takeoff and landing capability, capable of flying 100 miles in just 40 minutes (which as far as I know is still in the planning stages).

It is what seems to be a good move in terms of Uber and its innovation strategy going forward, with these challenges addressed and more progress made, who knows - maybe we will be flying from destination to destination sooner than we think!