The next generation of internet consumers if we can even call them that will be driven by the world of chat. Be it text chat or voice chat it will be the UI to the future of the digital revolution that is currently upon us.

With so much movement in this space over the last year we are now seeing the playing field start to take shape.

Fragmentation of the internet is a serious consideration for all businesses and brands. If we take a look back to the introduction of smart phones and mobile apps, at the time many of us thought it may come and go as easy as it came, and that it was mainly made up of novelty factor but how wrong were we then. The mobile revolution followed and created a gold rush of business and commerce that is the foundation of many businesses and industries today.

Everyone knows that AI is imminent however the Chat revolution is happening right now and is the foundations for the next gold rush of AI based business models.

Bots in whatever form they take be that either text chat within super app systems like Facebook messenger or Whatsapp or the voice chat systems of Alexa or Google are just getting started. They have so many benefits going for them and how businesses and industries embrace them will be extremely important to the success of their digital futures. 

We are busy working on a number of chat and voice strategies for not only our key clients but also ourselves as we look to also embrace this movement in our own day to day lives.

The birth of the bot revolution will create disruption not seen before and if brands are not onboard quickly they will be putting themselves in a position of venerability and this is not an understatement.

Start as soon as you can, learn, grow and keep going before it's too late.