It's an article, a post, another initiative, that seems all so familiar - Facebook "connecting" people to networks and each other, all while improving their public image. 

They call it "Community Boost". An action to help businesses expand their digital footprints and find new customers. An action providing training for job seekers, entrepreneurs and community leaders to sharpen their digital and social media skills, and even better it is listed as a tool to help them reach their goals.

In a recent post to Zuckerberg's Facebook page, he highlighted a real sense of striving forward in this technological world, despite facing challenges or adversity. He shares a story, a source of inspiration for 'Community Boost' which came about after meeting a man whose life was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina. The man used online videos to learn how to re-build a roof and run electrical wiring. Talking specifically about the man Zuckerberg met, he says "people like Burnell [the man's name] aren't just business owners -- they hold communities together."

The problem Zuckerberg went on to identify is that it is not always easy for these people to start and build a business, or to find employees with the right skills - an area where Facebook can help.

Although a little far-fetched, Facebook clearly has good intentions with this initiative albeit somewhat specific to boosting skills around the platform itself.