The long and short of it is your role in the world as it is today will change significantly in the years to come. We're all under threat of becoming standardised. Do not let that happen!

Right so, that's a big statement and not all of it is true but most of it is. Standardisation equates to the current role you perform will become routine work and will be managed and performed by automation. This will happen but how we deal with this and adapt is what will separate us from the haves and the have nots.

We all know that this movement is happening, it has been happening for generations and generations before us, however this movement will be faster and more intense that ever before. We are already seeing new economies like the sharing economy developing thanks to the likes of automation.

I wrote a piece a couple of weeks back about how we all need to start to 'Think Different' in this new future ahead of us. This is exactly why and how we should be moving towards this thinking.

You must get creative, we all need to be able to think outside the box and direct machines and push the creativity in ways not been seen before.

This goes for organisations as much as it does for individuals. We all need to adapt to this changing world, just as the glassblower did back many generations before.

You need to decide if you are going to become a general opportunist and find a way to develop your skills and experience so you can find areas that aren't as automated as others and become a master of that. Or become a creator and embrace the machines and develop new applications not known today. Then there is the option of becoming the expert of the automation you find and then making a role for an expert who can help fix and service the automation. Lastly, you can hang in there and become the master of the old world as some people always like something retro or things done a specific way.

At the end of the day automation is coming, yes things will change but there is so much opportunity associated with it, how you choose to embrace, challenge, develop your future to suit is what we all need to work out.

Looking at things from different perspectives will help us consider what these fresh new green pastures look like and where the opportunities will become real. 

Again, you need to start thinking differently and get creative