Automation and the technologies that are driving it are here people and they are here to stay. So what do we do about it. 

Yes there are two schools of thought, some of us will say it's the end of society as we know it (yes it is) and that we will all end up in a world of poverty and crime leading to mass social destruction. The other group of people will embrace what is in front of them and start to 'Think Different'.

The concept of 'Think Different' has been around since the heady days when Apple relaunch themselves with their amazing revival in the late 90s. But in today's context we really need to consider that statement and how we approach what is coming ahead.

Everyday we're dealing with bleeding edge technology, we are seeing the change and impact this tech is having on both consumers and businesses alike and it is fascinating times. We all need to take up the strategy to think different, not only in how we approach this technological change but how we change the way we work, engage and interact with one another. 

This revolution is so different than any that has come before it. This generation is so different from those that came before. The future is so different, so we all must figure out what 'Think Different' really means and how we can make it happen.

I for one will embrace it, we will embrace it and strive to help those who need it come along on this journey into the new world as now 'Think Different' is our Mantra.