RUSH CTO and Founder, Danu Abeysuriya spoke to a group of 'bright sparks' earlier today - referring particularly to the commercialisation of ideas and identifying broader opportunities. 

The ideas of the young inventors aged 12-17, ranged from image recognition devices, to medical inventions and physics games. 

The talk, though directed to young inventors, focused on some key ideas for us all:

  • There is an importance in learning through experience and in learning from others - a mentor relationship can aid experiences through the navigation of life and commercial decisions. 
  • Similar to the first point - friends and family play huge roles in these areas and are a huge source of information.
  • Don't tackle a huge problem just because you can/ or because you have it in you - it is key to have a balance in life.

Danu sums up his talk with a somewhat comical but lasting piece of advice for the audience, which he himself had been told: "You are the average of the people you surround yourself with - so, make sure they are smarter than you!"