Microsoft announced early this week that they will be halting the production of the Kinect, a wonderful device made for the xbox which had great potential and has helped developers looking to research and experiment. This wonderful device has been used heavily by students and innovators alike however as time passes so does it’s run.

The Kinect had a rocky start. Where it’s failings lie is hard to pinpoint but it can’t be argued that it had it’s difficulties resonating with the console audience, with video game companies struggling to implement it in gameplay without the overbearing issue of gimmicks. The Kinect however it found it’s perfect place in the hands of those dappling in tech. Motion Sensing, voice recognition, 3D mapping, all were jam packed in this little device and as it made it's way into the third-party it bloomed in fields of medicine, robotics and everyday use.

Kinect has without a doubt left a legacy, it's tech even being featured in current devices such as the iPhone X's Facial ID system, and in it's own successor the Hololens.

With it's passing it leaves behind the current gaming devices in use today, Sony's PSVR headset coupled with last gen's move controllers, and Nintendo’s Switch's Joy-Cons. Both are still early in it’s life-cycle so there's more hope to new ways of integrating it's technology just as the Kinect did. Rush had it’s own fair share of Kinect use so it’s interesting to see how it has developed over time, we however welcome the next device to take it’s place with open arms!