With the likes of PayPal and now Google initiating payment systems which are seamless to spending money, it is almost like they don't want us to have savings. 

As hinted earlier in the year, now Google has the option where you are able to simply choose your preferred credit or debit card; authenticate the purchase with a security code or your device; and then check out — no need to enter multiple lines of payment details and billing addresses in online forms.

This option for paying looks pretty tempting though, lucky for me it is yet to picked up on by the online shopping sites I frequent. However, surely it is only a matter of time seeing as the Google Payment API that enables the improved checkout process was rolled out to developers worldwide in May. It is made clear by Google that there isn't any transaction fee for its use and it requires “only a few lines of code” to implement. No rush though devs - I'm not in too much of a hurry to part with my money.