This is a super fascinating situation right now on so many levels. High street retailers are getting slaughter by the online movement and big behemoths like Amazon and Google. Customer experiences online and mobile are changing the way consumers shop, live and socialise and it is getting harder and harder to get them out on mass into retailers.

However now we are seeing initiatives like this where digital is blending into the real world and vice versa. We saw the approach Amazon took to taking on bricks and mortar by bringing to market Amazon Go and its resent acquisition of Whole Foods, it is now bringing its digital expertise and skills to the offline world. Now we see initiatives where digital is coming to the real world via AR.

The application is interesting and I am sure has a long long way to go but like the article states in the next few years the reality of wearing eyewear that allows for AR, iris authentication and them seamless payments will be as natural as leaving the house with your mobile phone is today.

The exciting thing happening here is there is a coming together of new world, old world, new tech, fintech, online, offline and major society changes occurring and this makes it extremely fascinating. 

At Rush right now we are involved in a lot of projects and initiatives that are also considering a combination of tech stacks working together or old worlds crossing into new worlds. The challenge is how do all parties know which is the best path to take and who plays what role. The answer to most of it is just give it a go, it's going to happen weather you like it or not, so get busy and take the first steps.

See you at the mall sooner rather than later.