Creativity is defined as the use of imagination to create something, keyword imagination, a concept exclusive to us as people. But is it possible for AI to be creative?

Film is progressively getting bigger and better as technology increases the bounds and possibilities of creative freedom through CGI. The Music industry is becoming highly accessible to both consumers and creators. Games, Animation, Visual Art and all, with computers and the internet becoming commonplace, these outlets help creators flourish their content.

So with the media industry booming, and AI getting smarter, there is no doubt they will collide but what will be the outcome? The A in AI is exactly that, in the end it is all limited to the bounds of an algorithm. But to some degree, aren’t humans the same? Recent advancements show just how capable machine learning is with Google’s AlphaGo besting top players through hundreds upon hundreds of games. In more analytical areas AI is at it's best however in terms of going through years of experience, relationships and thoughts unique to your own in order create is the current obstacle AI faces.

AI is already being implemented in apps artistically. The Face App for example can alter your face, aging you or making you smile within a few seconds has become a successful and convincing use of AI. Using AI to augment creativity is slowly making it's way into the market. Adobe themselves hope to use AI for this purpose rather than outright having it create from scratch, recently announcing it’s AI Sensei platform with future possibilities of enhancing an artist’s needs such as eliminating the process of scouring through thousands of images to find an image suitable to your work.

There probably wouldn't be a AI Van Gogh anytime soon, however it may help creatives and non-creatives to express themselves in a more accessible manner, it's will be exciting to see what AI has to offer in the future.