VR has been sitting there as the 'next big thing' for some time now and as each year ticks on by the message seems to remain the same, 'It's going great' 'It's so cool' ' it will be the future' but is that day ever really going to come.

When Zuckerberg bought Oculus he had a big big vision, one that most of us probably saw potential in but did we really think it would happen? I was one of these people, as much as i love VR and get excited about its future i didn't see how it would or could integrate into my every day life, however last Wednesday that changed for me once and for all.

When Nate Mitchell Oculus' VP of Product announced to the world the new carousel-style pop up dock called 'Dash' it showed me a world where i could see me in. A VR world where everything i do was a fingers tip away, allowing me to switch between tasks, jump from app to app, chat to friends, browsing my favourite online media or just simply digesting an email. 

All of a sudden my workspace or lifestyle space becomes infinite, i can do what i want with no restrictions in VR. This is super exciting and opens up a world of opportunity from a UX perspective for brands, how do you build an amazing experience in VR that will allow for my consumers to engage that is no longer linear or traditional.

I see a future and it is very reminiscent of THAT scene from Minority Report and combine that with other technologies like bots, AI and voice control systems and wow the future looks fascinating. 

Maybe just maybe one day Zuckerbergs vision might actually come true. See you in VR!