An article of this nature has been inevitable for a while now. We've all heard the old adage that the pornography industry advances technology faster and easier than any other industry. I am sure this has been happening for many revolutions before and will continue to happen again.

There are some really interesting numbers and data in this piece that to some of us might be quite shocking but it is reflective of our ever changing society and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Humans are engaging with each other on many different levels thanks to the advent of technology and especially the internet over the last 20 years. Yes the way we meet our partners has changed, how old couples are now when they are getting married, amount of pornography we are watching or the age we are watching it. All of this is fascinating in its own right but there is so much more in this that really starts to open up the way we as humans interact with each in the future.

This example of how tech might help you in the future while on a date 'Once you’re on a date, your augmented reality glasses will give you real-time dating info, calling up any info you want to know, as you need to know it. Perhaps you want to understand how she/he is feeling about you, and your AR camera is watching her pupillary dilation and capillary flushing' is extremely interesting and not just for those who are dating. Think about this concept for B2B and networking, being able to meet someone and understand how they are really feeling about the presentation you just gave them, the elevator pitch you just had over an awkward glass of wine or the performance review you just had with your manager. The implications are potentially massive and so far reaching.

Then consider the idea of being able to use AI or machine learning to find your perfect partner, either romantic, sexual or even business prospect or client. Again the effect this starts to have on us as humans and the way we start to behave must and has to change. 

As a father of young children and teenagers all of these questions fascinate me, stresses me out, excites me, confuses me and makes me think the road ahead is going to be extremely challenging if it wasn't already before.

Relationships on all levels are officially on notice as the technology implications are on their way.