Reading Adam Edgar's recent Passle (blog post) on how to demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise struck a chord with me. Simply explained below is the Wikipedia definition of a subject-matter expert - a person who is knowledgeable on a topic. 

We tend to self-employ a criterion of what we consider we can or can not comment on when writing/blogging about topics, additionally when making 140-character-limited twitter comments. It would be impractical to tweet or blog about every topic under the sun - and your personal audience just does not respect you as much for that, hence why we tend to narrow it down.

You become a subject matter expert simply by talking about the topics you enjoy. I gave out my own example when initiating some new members to our blogging team here at RUSH - in similar terms, I said: "blog posts can be written on nearly any topic of interest - try to involve something techy (due to that being the industry we are so deeply involved in), but also something you feel able to comment on - personally I tend to comment on social media/PR/Marketing topics as I tend to read a lot on these areas and they are of direct interest to me. 

Then in the days following on from this first conversation, the chat on subject matter expertise was furthered as the office considered the evolutions around us in topics, jobs and today's trends. A common theme which arose was that what you may have studied at university does not necessarily correspond with the role or job you are employed in now. In fact, some of the roles we have now do not even directly relate to courses or degrees available when we were studying. A recent initiative relating to this idea is the NZTalent letter which RUSH signed along with over 100 other businesses declaring that we do not require a traditional tertiary qualification for a range of skills-based roles within our company. 

The NZTalent initiative is working to change the conversation around what we define as ‘talent’. Read the full letter, see the list of signatories and get involved below: #NZTalent