Artificial Intelligence, or rather, its commonly used acronym - AI, has become a buzz word in the Marketing world we live in today. A mainstream concept, in a world where individuality is becoming more embraced - so if you are going to employ AI as a part of your next Marketing campaign, then find your point of difference.

As the CIM makes clear, a lot of the buzz around AI in marketing comes from a wave of announcements we have seen this year by the likes of Apple last month and even with what is expected from Google's hardware event tomorrow. These tech giants, among others, conceptualise how they will use AI, or Machine Learning (ML) to improve their products.

Looking specifically at Marketing in our own companies, the article highlights some practical tools which use AI. I tried one of them out...

My favourite, an example of a true AI, is the IBM Watson Twitter analysis tool. I linked in the RUSH Twitter account and the IBM AI presented me with an analysis of the 'RUSH' tone of voice and the character of our brand. It is easy to see how this tool works in order to relay information back to a Marketer about whether the social activity you are putting out there (online) is reflective of how you want your brand to be perceived, and how you might improve things.

It is most definitely worth doing some research further into how AI can be used in new ways to market your brand, product or service - or even, just have a play around with a social analysis tool (like I did).