You usually see video games as an industry that either creates completely new worlds for its players, or claims to be as historically accurate as possible to place those players in the exact environments/conditions that existed years ago.

In the second case, it has happened that the players' interest has been high enough to trigger discussions about what was accurately transcribed in the game versus what was not. What we are seeing now following Assassin's Creed Origins is on a whole new level: when the team at Ubisoft realised how complex and time consuming it was to decipher hieroglyphs, the finished the game but did not leave it there: they launched an AI initiative to help everyone (academics in the first place) understand that complex language from millennia ago. 

Using Google's TensorFlow power and calling for everyone's input, we could be years or even months away from making hieroglyphs accessible to a whole new audience, and resurrect that magic from the past that at some point, we have all admired as kids.