According to this study done on 600 marketers across industries is that the emerging tech is high on their priorities but VR, AR & MR are not.

This article goes on to explain why they should be considering AR as the most relevant and exciting tech for 2018 that all marketers should be considering and i cannot agree more.

I have written of late how exciting it is to see Apple and Google investing in hardware and software that is focused on AR. We all know it is coming and now we all have the tools at our finger tips.

Earlier this year RUSH was responsible for building out the New World Easter Egg hunt in AR and it has resulted in massive response from customers by hitting our target numbers in the first few days of the campaign and now just last week we won gold at the TVNZ Marketing Awards, both pretty strong signs that AR and marketing work.

So all of you marketers out there or even those who work in businesses who play a role in the marketing of your brand or products, consider AR and consider it seriously as it's coming and the applications are endless.