There is no avoiding the hype continuing on from the Apple event last week. The announcements of iPhones, wearables, Apple TV, and ARKIT came as an excitement for us here at RUSH, as they are effective on the tech industry we are so deeply involved in. The hype has peaked again today with the iOS11 update now available.

To get my head around the tech-based details and what impact they have on the industry I work in, I had a chat with RUSH Founder, Danu, to hear his insights into Apple's latest releases...

My learnings:

  • iPhone X - a smart branding move. The iPhone5c (in all it's glorious colours) had it's place in the market and so will the iPhoneX
  • The technology - A11 bionic chip - is actually an 'AI on chip' which will allow for a huge number of applications in Machine Learning, AI and computer vision on device
  •  Face ID - Facial recognition software - privacy and security concerns are not worth  worrying about as an end consumer just yet
  •  Wireless charging - it's great / done before, but knowing Apple - it will be executed well
  • ARKIT and CoreML - these are developers tools. A developer can make use of core ML framework to develop intelligent apps and ARKIT to develop augmented reality experience in real world. See a small introduction about each framework in the video

To sum up, as you are updating you iPhone's iOS today you entering into what Apple calls “the future of the smartphone.” It is most likely to be the beginning of future of the Apple tech, so why not have a quick watch of what else is in store? 

As for RUSH, we’ll be seeing the whole tech landscape we live, work and operate in revolutionised. It is about playing the game alongside the iPhone, Apple's other new products and updates, and those of competitors to continue to find the best creative-tech related solutions.