With all of the conversations and hypothesis being focused on the concept of Artificial Intelligence it is really fascinating to consider this amazing advancement or possible advancements in Intelligence Amplification or Augmentation.

IA is to create super brains, humans who are not human, who brains are smarter than any intelligence ever know to man with abilities and powers we have only seen in the likes of terminator. 

Can you imagine having a telepathic Google interface direct to your brain, or the ability to use your visual cortex to learn new blueprints or hear things that are directions or useful information. 

However the thing that really starts to blow your mine is the context of genuine augmentation of pre-frontal cortex where enhancing the way we combine perceptual data to form concepts allowing people to perform impossible intellectual feats like mind control, being ahead of the stock market or figuring out the next business model to change the way humanity lives. 

But there is always risks with trying to change what has taken millions of years to develop and it is very complicated and if not done right there could be a lot of collateral damage along the way.

I think I need a super brain to get my head around this right now