I was super excited about the forthcoming launch and announcements made by Apple this past week and when they finally happened was i overwhelmed as i hoped i'd be... probably not, was i blown away as i was in 2007...definitely not but what i was after Wednesday's big launch was inspired in the knowledge that the platform has been laid for the future.

Yes Apple could have done more but there were definitely enough there for all of us to get the creative juices flowing.

Apple is building a world where this latest iPhone X may well be their last or at least a foundation in the direction of a iPhone Free World. I know that sounds counterintuitive but the world is coming where we don't need a large device in our hands any longer.

As our colleague Kris states here the new behaviour they are moving us towards with not needing an iPhone to make calls, play music and live our lives is slowly creating a paradigm shift in our user experience and this is what is getting me excited.

Most importantly this piece of hardware is now matched with software bells and whistles that will blow up the AR industry and that is super exciting. Apple are laying the framework themselves, doing what they should and giving us the next generation of tools to really take on a mixed reality world.

So for me, i can happily say that X definitely hits the mark this time