What a decade it has been since Steve Jobs introduced us to the game changing iPhone. Unfortunatley I'm old enough to remember life pre iPhone when we had walled gardens from our Telcos, we had so called Smart Devices that couldn't do much more than play ringtones or animations and the only people who received emails on their phones were crackberry users with large corporate jobs and with definitely no fun on their device.

Then in 2007 everything changed, the world changed to be fair, technology changed for ever and nothing would ever be the same again. New business models were born, industries were turned upside down and careers all of a sudden took on this whole new world of opportunity.

It's been an amazing journey through this decade. It has been incredible to watch the business landscape move and evolve so quickly. People have come and gone, new businesses has formed and industries have grown up so fast. Take our business for example, pre 2007 it didn't exist but when our founder Danu saw the advent of the iPhone and the potential of having that type of CPU in your pocket he knew the possibilities were endless, and just two weeks ago we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of incorporation of Rush Digital. Society has changed, now our children can use a iPhone easier and faster than they can pen and paper. Generations now don't even know what a traditional landline telephone is and most have not ever even used one, all this in just 10 years.

So what happens next? This video sets it all up pretty nicely. We are all anticipating a nice new shinny iPhone with some cosmetic changes, but what is it that is going to be the big game changer? What is it that we will build new business models around? What is that special piece of technology that Apple will bring mainstream that will allow the next generations of Rush Digital's to be formed? Or the next career paths develop that don't exist today or did a decade ago.

We will all see the big reveal in a few days time, i for one can't wait. It is the excitement of the unknown, what could it be and are we all ready for another change in our world, one that is hopefully for the greater good.