We get reminded daily how technology created by humans has advanced so rapidly, and often we wonder how far the technology will go before humans will become redundant and the bots will take over.

This article by MIT is a great example that puts it in perspective for me.  One the one hand, the human race has indeed made remarkable progress uncovering technological discoveries and innovations, but on the other hand, we are no where near to even replicating biological technology let alone fully understanding such technology.

In this case, biophotons in brains might indicate the presence of some kind of super communication pathway, allowing critical communication to take place at light-speed within the brain.  

Artificial neural networks take inspiration from animal brains and underpin Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  This discovery adds to the fields of AI and ML and initially raises some interesting questions:

-  Can we understand how communication is encrypted in the brain?

- What kind of signals take the biophotons route v.s the 'slower' route?

- How are biophotons generated, replicated and transmitted as they move through the network? 

No doubt this discovery will inspire neuroscientists , computer science researchers and mathematicians to advance AI.