It's one thing to make a product successful. It's another to make sure it remains successful well into the future.

This article provides an excellent insight into the approach and mindset of a UX designer at Uber trying to recapture the magic that made them so popular without hitting reset on the new features built up over time.

Definitely give it a read as it does a great job of breaking down the steps they took and the discoveries made along the way, but here are a couple of my takeaways from it:

1. Always look to improve. This could mean making incremental improvements as users' needs and expectations change or...

2. Be prepared to make giant leaps. Incremental improvements are a good sign you're willing to respond to change positively, but over time, too many incremental improvements can lead to a bloated experience. Choosing to redesign a critical of the Uber app was an ambitious decision, but one that needed to be made to ensure the app's purpose isn't lost under a pile of features.

3. Don't forget the purpose. Whether it be the reason for an incremental improvement, or the purpose for your entire company's existence, keeping in mind why things were done a certain way will help guide any improvement or innovation; embracing change without compromising on your fundamental beliefs.