Everyone sees that social media has taken the world by storm. Currently, there are over 1.96 billion social media users in the world, and that number is undoubtedly expected to grow. 

By this number it is evident that most of us have adapted and become accustomed to social media being a part of our lives. So much so that is weird to still think of it as a phenomenon — but it is. In fewer than 10 years, a handful of niche sites/apps work to connect the majority of the world’s population.

Although, it is fine to assume that such establishments will continue to exist in their current forms - sure, Instagram may redesign its logo, or we might see a similar platform arise with the same popularity, for the most part there is an assumption that sees the current landscape of social media staying pretty much the same. The trends we see in the Tech world will shape the future of social media drastically affect other elements of the digital world, particularly for marketing. 

I, on the other hand, feel like social media is just is about to find itself for the first time.

My thoughts on the topic can be summarised by the acknowledgement that social media still has a long way to evolve and there is probably some sort of a drawn-out shift, and marketers like myself need to be ready change if we’re going to survive. But instead of getting lost in the minor details  Jeanne Lewis, CEO of Capsure, presents 11 excellent points in the Entrepreneur article below on transformation possibilities for social media’s next shift in it's evolution. It's worth a quick read.