Winter is here and the long night is coming, the battle for the north is upon us, well in fairness we now have to wait another 10 months before the GoT overlords allow us to drink the Jon Snow Kool-Aid again.

But in the interim we have another battle of all titanic proportions. Yes this announcement from Google  and Walmart to bring voice shopping to Google Assistant and Home is a big move. Not a surprising one if i am honest but more a smart fight fire with fire approach.

Both organisations have obviously realised the future approach to Amazon is a together we are stronger one and not an i can do everything. It is exceptionally clever and ultimately has the potential to be a win win for both parties.

Walmart needs a online strategy play and Google needs an offline one, now we have a partnership where the real meets the virtual and we as consumers benefit.

I love the idea of collaboration, there needs to be more of it in the world and there is so much for people to gain if they get it right. Lets hope this collaboration has got it right and lets hope that as consumers we actually get a game changing user experience to bring it all together.

Good luck to them, i will bend the knee!