So Google's just released ARCore in response to Apple (somewhat surprisingly) capturing the lead for hearts and minds in the AR space with ARKit, I believe there will be a sudden explosion of great AR apps. But I also believe it will be an explosion we won't necessarily notice. 

The thing is, AR has been around for a while now and is definitely part of the mainstream with thanks in part to Pokémon Go, Snapchat, and Facebook. The awareness part is covered.

Now that both Google and Apple are empowering developers everywhere with toolkits that would allow for compelling and convincing AR to hundreds of millions of devices, app makers can focus more on making the experience work, rather than the tech. AR won't really be a thing anymore - it will simply be.

Kinda like how we don't really mention the camera when we use Snapchat or Instagram; you use these apps to take and share photos, the camera bit is implied.

And, in some ways, we're already there. As another example with the same apps, try explaining Snapchat or Instagram/FB filters/lenses to a digital caveman:
- "It lets you turn your face into a cat face"
- "How?"
- "Using AR, duh"

But I'm imagining a very near future of AR being an invisible default to doing things. So whilst this means AR tech won't be the main selling point anymore, it could also mean not embracing AR will be like not having an email address; because what's more amazing: knowing someone with an email address or knowing someone without one?