Google glass was well before its time we know that, at the time we thought it was a joke or we enjoyed to laugh at other people who were moving into a world that didn't make sense at the time.

Fast forward a few years and all of a sudden a world where you have a augmented experience is more real and we all start to think differently.

Glass is back, well it really never went away, they have just now found the right market fit for it and that is in Enterprise. These are perfect applications for it and make a lot of sense.

However the key thing to take from this glass experiment is that any time you decide that new technology or a new experience for your customer is the way you want to go you need to step back and consider your market. Listen to them, put something in their hands and try and hear what the reality looks like. There is always a world for it however it just needs to fit right.

Technology is great, it helps us solve the challenges we have in life or make the good things great, but there are always implications and these need to be consider, measured and then reconsidered and remeasured.

Long live glass and long live new technology