Have you ever wondered what would a foodie-friend would order if she was in the same restaurant as you? Or thought about where a well-travelled family member might go if he was visiting the same holiday destination as you?

In many cases, the person may not be there with you, so your best bet is to play the guessing-game as to what they would do. But, what would you think about using a bot to securely "borrow" a friend's (or even your own) identity allowing you to ask questions with the confidence of receiving a decent response.

VentureBeat guest writer and CEO of Flybits, Hossein Rahnama, details his work on augmented eternity and swappable identities, which would allow AI to access digital identities that others could ask for advice or information.

My particular interest is sparked with the talk of the potential to further develop psychological and socially inspired approaches off the back of the project. This will contribute to a better understanding and prediction of human behaviour in different environments. Although, from once perspective I see an issue with privacy and identity security, there is an overall solid purpose underlying this work - to learn from humans' daily lives; rather than using it for advertising purposes, it is outlined to be used for the advancement of the world's collective intelligence. 

A final comment by Rahnama is that the success of his project relies on the adoption and use of the technology by large groups of people... 

So, would you allow a bot to borrow your identity?