Ever been in that situation where you do not know if the cup you are holding should go into General Waste or Recycling?
This trouble should soon be over as Smart Recycling Bins are being tested and will be put on the market if successful.

The idea would be to simply place your recycled object on a scanning surface that will recognise (and learn) and light up the relevant bin to put it in.

The result would be an increased amount of recycled products, less errors and happier brands/consumers. The commercial horizon would probably be first for public places such as fast food restaurants, food courts, airports etc. before anyone can have a miniature version at home.

Another option to entice consumers to use it would be through your local Council, encourageing you to recycle and earn points/rewards based on how efficient you are at recycling. Gamifying the whole process from buying to recycling a product could be an excellent way to make a lot more (young) people aware of the positive impact this will have on society.