Don't stress just yet human content creators. Although predictions have been made about the changes in content marketing, the robot takeover isn’t happening just yet. 

Changes listed by John Hall (CEO of Influence & Co) include:

  • Social Media as publishing outlets
  • Machine Learning dictating conversations
  • Visual content necessary for VR/AR
  • Advanced Tech increasing personalisation
  • Mobile Optimisation as standard
  • Artificial Intelligence creating content

For now, at RUSH we enjoy using features such as algorithms for data analysis, scheduling tools and personalised recommendation systems. They automatically show us content that’s most relevant to our business and vice-versa. These features work to create a more dynamic and personalised user experience for our followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. 

As technology is a driver in what RUSH has the capability to do, it's important we embrace any such changes in content marketing. Undoubtedly, our industry will change in unanticipated ways and businesses in it will have to adapt alongside us.

 At the end of the day (or era), it is content marketers who will need to develop innovative new ways to lead their brands into this brave new world.