Hello Brand X, I personally don't care about your traditional advertising anymore. Yes from time to time i might enjoy the odd TVC you've put in front of me as i fast forward on 30x, i might even click on the odd ad that's relevant to me among all of the other clutter in my multiple social feeds....MAYBE, but really what is going to get me interested in your offering is your CX.

IF and only if we manage to get into a relationship you better blow me away with your CX. My expectations are through the roof now thanks to technology advancements made in digital. I want it all personalised, when and where i need it. More importantly if someone i trust has told me how good you are i will give you the time of the day out of respect for their opinion, however you have just one chance.

It is not just marketing who have to get this right, it is the whole organisation, it needs to be lead from the top and then implemented across my journey. 

This is the world we all live in now, we are all in it no matter the line of business we are in. The likes of Uber, Netflix, AirBnB have shown us what the world could be like, we expect everything to be seamless now, we want it to be personalised to our peferences and we want it immediately.

How we as marketers in our respective industries deal with this is the challenge ahead. I for one have that challenge to deal with and i have to bring my team and the rest of our business on this journey. It's not going to be easy and it won't happen immediately, however i know it is possible and the exciting thing is we now have the tools and technology to make it amazing.

This article is a great piece and one everyone in any organisation should read, not just marketing, as it is up to all of us to raise the bar.